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A decision to take up a 300 hour teacher training in Bali, yoga is an exciting and a big one. Wondering why? This particular course is more exhaustive in content and duration and you will find its deep seated learning process at an advanced level.

Often considered as the second level in the yoga teacher training in Bali, most of the 300 hour yoga teacher training in Bali offered are founded on the continuing education of teaching skills in yoga, yoga philosophy and practice, post completion of a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bali.

If Bali is your chosen destination to pursue a 300 hour yoga teacher training in Bali, then you will have to take into account some elements while assessing your decision. Here is some valuable information for those preparing for their next step towards their yogic path.


Your reasons for choosing Bali can be manifold. Bali โ€“ a part of the South East Asian archipelago Indonesia, is indeed a hotspot for all those yoga practitioners looking for the perfect course in 300 hour yoga teacher training in Bali.


Have a glance, at some of the common reasons why Bali is the perfect yoga destination:

Spirituality dwells all around

Bali is deeply ingrained in its spiritual beliefs and rituals. With day-to-day offerings, weekly decorum, and a unambiguous connection to spirituality and their religion โ€“ all provide a meaningful opportunity to be a witness to the power of Bhakti (devotion) as experienced in yoga. Many practitioners claimed feeling greater ability to connect within themselves to their own spirituality, no matter what that is.

Healthy appetite

There is undoubtedly no shortage of healthy vegetarian food found here. Bali has quality yoga studios like Himalayan Yoga Association which offer nutritious vegetarian meals fostering a healthy regime to suit yogic lifestyle. You can avail world-class food , during the annual food festival that attract foodies from all over the world to this magical island.

Quality yoga

The benchmark of yoga set here in Bali is high. Since the island draws a large number of yogis to participate in trainings, or to immerse themselves in the yogic world for an extended point of time, many want to teach yoga too. The demand for teaching yoga means that the yoga schools here which conduct classes and courses adhere to high standards while enabling quality yoga experiences to the yoga enthusiast. Himalayan Yoga Association is one of such elite yoga schools where all courses are certified by Yoga Alliance International , Yoga Alliance UK and Yoga Alliance USA. On successful completion of a 300 hour yoga teacher training course from this leading yoga school in Bali, you become a certified yoga teacher eligible to teach anywhere in the world.

People who visit Bali, rarely visit it just once. There is a magic about this island that draws them again and again. Radiantly, Himalayan Yoga Association is located in this spiritual hub which allows you to delve deep into various practices to nurture the mind, body and soul โ€“ a truly life transforming experience not to be missed.

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