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Usually a yoga teacher training is undertaken for self practice and knowledge. Through yoga teacher training in Rishikesh programs, you get the opportunity to learn about important techniques that help you cope with challenges, be it mental or physical.

Yoga is a skilful art and to master it, you need to begin with a strong foundation- one that prepares you for a clear vision and thinking. A 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh lays a good foundation for a beginner of yoga. Here, you might find many schools that offer this course with differing styles and trainers. A basic rule to guide you in this regard would be to start with the traditional hatha yoga/ashtanga yoga which is taught at Himalaya Yoga Association by experienced yoga gurus. Once you have successfully completed the 200 hour teacher training course from this yoga school in Rishikesh, you can become a certified yoga teacher as all their courses conducted are registered under Yoga Alliance UK, Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International.

While enrolling for a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh program , you might be confronted with doubts such as, “Am I capable enough? Can I enrol in a yoga teacher training course even if I am not experienced? Will I be in a position to teacher others right after my course completion? How much time do I have to devote for yoga?’’ As a beginner in this field, it is natural to have such doubts in mind. Here are the answers to your doubts:

“Practice makes a man perfect”

Ideally a yoga teacher training program requires you to have some yoga experience prior to your enrolment for a yoga teacher training program. You need not be an expert though you need to be comfortable enough with the basic forms of asanas. In this regard 100 hour yoga teacher training course at the Mahamukti Yoga is a good idea to enrol in. Joining this course will certainly take you a level up in the field of yoga.

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

The path to a yoga ttc entails commitment and devotion. So be ready and willing to give sufficient amount of time, effort and energy to be able to learn and master the various poses, philosophy and anatomy of yoga. This in turn will foster your understanding of the concepts involved.

Gearing up for the yogic journey

When you are willing and ready to begin your yoga journey, remember to equip yourself with proper gear, as this is of immense help. A good pair of comfortable yoga pants, a pair of blocks, a strap and a good quality yoga mat would be fair enough to get you started with enthusiasm and zest.

Comprehending the value and impact of yoga teacher training , this program can transform your life. So embrace the art of yoga and see its positive influence upon you and how you are also able to influence others around you after you become an accomplished yoga teacher.

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