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Rightly known as the Island of Gods, This Indonesian island doesn’t fail to mesmerise you with its beauty. Known for its rocky coastlines, sandy beaches and coral reefs the island is also home to religious sites. Blue skies, shimmering sand and tropical forest is something that has attracted tourists over the years. Spirituality is rooted in Balinese culture but what about best yoga teacher training school in Bali? Yoga has always got something to do with the surroundings and Bali somewhat offers you the perfect setting to practice this ancient Indian art. Recognized as a tourist destination, Bali attracts a lot of tourist around the year.

What if we told you that The Himalayan Yoga Association has set up a Yoga Teacher Training school in Bali. What we plan to do is, to spread Yoga from its birthplace which is Rishikesh so that our students who wish to learn Yoga school in Bali will get to experience the purest form of Yoga. The Himalayan Yoga Association has opened a new yoga school with the name of (Bali yoga school) in heart of bali (Ubud) nearby monkey forest with plans to set up all best yoga teacher training school in Bali & yoga retreat programs which are as follows:

1) 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali
2) 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali
3) 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali
4) 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali
5) 3 days Yoga retreat in bali
6) 7 Days yoga retreat in bali

Apart from the Yoga teacher training programs, we also have set up 4 days and 7 days Yoga retreat program in Bali which is a perfect getaway for someone who wishes to ditch their monotonous work life. The Yoga retreat center (Bali yoga school) is located in the heart of Bali which is Ubud that has private rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, and an open garden area.

We have highly trained Yoga instructors from Himalayan Yoga Association at Bali yoga school who can teach personalized yoga lessons along with detox and other yogic therapies. The retreat program also allows you to practice meditation along with various other Yoga asanas in the midst of nature. A destination like Bali surely adds on to the positive energy that surrounds while learning the art of Yoga. Be it Rishikesh or Bali it is important to have a place where you feel close to nature when indulging in Yoga. Along with the Yoga experience, Bali has plenty to offer. There are various beaches, waterfalls, temples shops where you can spend some free time after you get done with your Yoga. What we can surely tell you is Bali is a place where you will definitely find your solitude while learning the art of Yoga.

We at Himalayan Yoga Association are very much looking forward to hosting our students in Bali for various Yoga Teacher Training Programs. So the next time if you’re in Bali and are looking for the best yoga teacher training school in Bali, please get in touch with us for an experience that will last a lifetime (Bali yoga school).

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